[to do] 03 04 07

batch one :: things for this week
- darwin presentation desu wa
- go to work on tuesday
- remember to write down easter shifts

- finish reading frankenstein
- finish reading oliver twist

batch two :: things for the near future, i.e. easter break
- rewrite first annotation according to actual criteria sheet
- write second annotation, also according to actual criteria sheet
- write proper notes on modernism, postmodernism, structuralism, poststructuralism/deconstruction, psychoanalysis and postcolonialism
- memorise the above notes
- make sure you can actually apply said theories to relevant texts
- buy stuff for femto costume
- make wings for femto costume
- make helmet for femto costume
- make hawk feet for femto costume
- make claw hands for femto costume

batch three :: things that should also probably be done on easter break so you don't fail grebo
- write 200 words on chaucer
- write 200 words on sheridan
- write 200 words on poetry
- write 200 words on swift
- write 200 words on dickens
- write 200 words on that other book you're probably meant to have read by now
- also, continue doing writing exercises for wricre
- start research for that fucking uakuni essay, fuck.

batch four :: the really important thing
- do not have a breakdown over any of this stuff; it is only the echulzukeschonen system