[to do] 30 03 2007

1) Reread Brown article and decide what your hypothesis is going to be. Write this in BIG LETTERS on the wall or something.
2) Read Ergonomics article (Dillon)
3) Read Future Libraries article (Gorman)
4) Find and read First Monday article (Lynch) [possibly here?]
5) Try to locate, and read, the Schilit article on FuturePrint.
6) Work out the rest of your essay plan, starting with the hypothesis.
7) Annotate Brown article.
8) Catch Squeaker for a pre-110 Snakes!log.
9) Write 200 word response to Chaucer, for gods' sakes. IT IS ONLY TWO HUNDRED WORDS.
10) You are Not Allowed to watch any more One Piece, Avatar, or anything else, or play TextTwist, or read any fic, until these things are done.
10) a. You may play three rounds of text twist if you have a block, or between articles if your brain is dying.